About J&M Auto Center

J & M Auto Center was founded by Jose and Miguel back in 1999. The two cousins had always been passionate about cars and wanted to start their own business together. They pooled their resources, rented a small garage in Norcross, Georgia, and got to work.

At first, business was slow, but the cousins were determined to make their shop a success. They worked long hours, often late into the night, to finish repairs and ensure everything was in good condition. Word of mouth began to spread, and soon, they had a steady stream of customers coming through their doors.

Jose and Miguel knew they needed more staff to meet the demand as the business grew. They brought on a few trusted friends and family members, and together, they built a team of skilled mechanics who shared their passion for cars and dedication to customer service.

Today, J & M Auto Center is a thriving family-owned and operated auto repair shop. They have expanded their services to include everything from routine maintenance to significant repairs and have built a reputation for quality artistry and fair prices. Their loyal customer base continues to grow, and Jose and Miguel couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments.

As they look to the future, the cousins are excited to continue growing their business and serving the community they love. With their family by their side and a team of dedicated employees, they know that anything is possible.

What We Offer


Full Mechanic Services


Tire Repair and replace